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Himalaya Septilin Research and Clinical Studies

Benefits of Septilin:Builds up Immune System, Resistance to Infection, Prevents Re-infection

Septilin improves the body's defence against allergies, sinusitis, tonsilitis, otorrhoea, furunculosis and other septic conditions.

The following are some studies showing its efficacy in various kinds of infections.

Himalaya Septilin

Himalaya Septilin for preventing infections
Himalaya Septilin

Immunomodulatory Activity of Septilin, a Polyherbal Preparation

Daswani, B.R. and Radha Yegnanarayan*, Department of Pharmacology, B.J. Medical College and Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune, India. (*Corresponding Author)

Septilin is a Polyherbal preparation, claimed to be effective in conditions such as chronic stubborn URTI, tonsillitis, cutaneous infections, dental infections and also prescribed as a health supplement. In view of this, the present experimental study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of Septilin on different arms of the immune system. The experimental animals (male albino rats and mice) were divided into three groups. Group I received distilled water; group II received Septilin in a dose of 1 g/kg (rats) or 1.5 g/kg (mice); group III received Septilin 2 g/kg (rats) or 3 g/kg (mice) orally for 28 days. They were evaluated for immunological function on day 29 by studying weight gain, resistance against E. coli sepsis, haemogram, phagocytic activity of PMN cells and reticuloendothelial system, delayed hypersensitivity to oxazolone and the plaque forming cell response of splenic lymphocytes to sheep erythrocytes.

Neither of the doses of Septilin altered weight gain absolute lymphocyte counts, or host resistance against E. coli sepsis. The higher dose of Septilin reduced phagocytic activity of the PMN cells/reticuloendothelial system, but both doses increased the percentage and absolute number of circulating neutrophils, stimulated humoral immunity and suppressed cellular immunity.

Thus, Septilin has dual effects on the immune system, with lower doses showing greater stimulant and higher doses showing predominantly suppressant effects.
As per a study published in Auris Nasus Larynx, 50 patients suffering from allergic and vasomotor rhinitis were administered Septilin. Some patients who also showed stress symptoms were given Geriforte in addition to Septilin. The results of the therapy were based on the following criteria: a) Improvement in allergic symptoms. b) Appearance of nasal mucosa before and after the therapy. 39 patients (78%) were cured 100% as they had total relief from symptoms along with change of nasal mucosa from bluish to pink. 8 patients (16%) had about 75% improvement and 3 patients (6%) had only 50% improvement. These patients were advised to continue the therapy for a longer time (6-8 weeks). Of these, 4 patients showed further improvement. The study therefore showed that Septilin proved very effective in cases of allergic and vasomotor rhinitis.
Role of Septilin in Chronic Pharyngitis
(Ind. Med. J., (1992): (86), 1, 12)

Chronic pharyngitis may be sometimes due to some primary infection in the pharyngeal tissue itself but most of the time it is secondary to diseases in other parts of the upper respiratory tract or some other systems. The nose, sinuses, teeth and tonsils act as reservoirs of infection and the pharynx is the victim all the time. Environmental population especially in industrial areas predisposes to this condition. Fumes, gases, chemicals, smoke and a dust-laden atmosphere are the common factors in modern cities and towns, thus increasing the incidence and chronicity of this condition. A constant feeling of soreness and discomfort as well as pain and a sensation of a foreign body, irritable cough and a tired voice are the main symptoms. Frequent desire to clear the cough makes the condition even worse. In spite of the best of treatments for both local and secondary causes, this problem continues to be a challenge to the otolaryngologists. Sometimes post-tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy cause hypertrophic pharyngitis and a dry irritating cough which are very resistant to all sorts of treatment ranging from chemical cauterization to antibiotics and antiallergics. Keeping this in view, this trial has been undertaken and only those cases have been selected who had been previously treated for both primary and secondary causes, but without success. As antibiotics may not be used for longer periods, Septilin, an indigenous remedy, has been tried with some antihistamines for longer periods and the results have been evaluated.

Thirty-five patients with chronic pharyngitis were put on Septilin, 1 tablet b.i.d. or t.i.d. depending on age, for 6-8 weeks. The majority of cases (28 out of 35) showed good to fair response with Septilin treatment. Its long-term use was devoid of any side-effects.
Clinical Evaluation of Septilin in Chronic Bronchitis
(Ind. Practit., (1990): (43), 1, 83.)

Inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, exudation from the mucosal glands and recurrent bacterial infections are salient pathological features of Chronic bronchitis. Most patients of chronic bronchitis expectorate viscid, tenacious sputum which is extremely exhausting to many of them.

Septilin was evaluated in 30 patients of chronic bronchitis at a dose of 2 tabs. t.i.d. for 4 weeks. Bronchodilators an dantibiotics were given only where necessary. Outstanding among its advantages were the findings that Septilin reduced the volume and purulence of the sputum, controlled episodes of superadded bacterial infections and facilitated expectoration. Serum IgG rose significantly after 2 months and this could have been responsible for the protection of the patients from recurrent bacterial infections. None of the patients complained of any side-effects.
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