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Liv.52 / LiverCare

from Himalaya Herbals

Liv.52® from Himalaya Herbals is the best known ayurvedic medicine for the liver.

First introduced in 1955, Liv.52 is by far the top selling liver supplement in the world with more than 2 billion tablets sold every year.

The formulation underwent 51 trials before perfection was achieved with the 52nd composition hence the name Liv.52.

Himalaya Liv52 / Livercare is beneficial in cirrhosis of the liver Himalaya Liv52
Herbal remedy for liver health

Liv.52 is the top selling liver formula in the world. It protects, detoxifies and heals the liver.

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Liv52 contains time tested ayurvedic herbs and minerals that protect and heal the liver and has been subjected to over 300 clinical trials and research studies to validate its efficacy. Recently Liv.52 was awarded regulatory approval as a drug by Switzerland's equivalent of the FDA. In fact this is the first time that a herbal formulation has been recognized as a curative medicine. Liv.52 has also been given prominent position in publications like "Healing Hepatitis Naturally" in which leading US health experts discuss scientifically proven natural medicines that treat hepatitis. 38 pages of this book discuss Liv.52 alone. In the ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs, published by the American Botanical Council (ABC), Liv 52 is one of the 13 herbal formulas included.

What is liver damage and how can Liv.52 treat liver disease?

Liver damage can be caused by alcohol, viral hepatitis, medications especially those containing acetaminophen (tylenol), statins and niacin as well as toxins from food and the environment. The liver is a unique organ in that it can regenerate itself. However when the damage is severe, scar tissue is formed causing cirrhosis at which point, the liver is unable to function efficiently. Liver damage can also be caused by accumulation of fat in liver known as steosis. While 50% of patients with liver disease may show no symptoms at all, some of the symptoms of liver disease are fatigue, jaundice, dark urine, itching, low appetite, light colored stools, fluid retention in the stomach.

Liv.52 is a powerful detoxifier. Liv.52 helps to flush out toxins from alcohol consumption as well as drugs and food. By removing the damaging agent , Liv.52 allows the liver to replace damaged tissue and regenerate itself. Liv.52 aids in the effective metabolism of drugs by maintaining levels of CYP or Cytochrome P450. Hepatic cytochromes P450 play an important role in the metabolism of drugs and toxins in the liver. Liv.52 also improves the appetite (appetite suppression is another effect of hepatitis and liver damage) as it causes food to get absorbed and assimilated more efficiently. It also helps to regulate the liver enzymes. Liv.52 also prevents fat from infiltrating the liver.

What are the ingredients in Liv.52 and how do they help the liver?

The herbs used in Liv.52 have been documented in various ancient and modern medical literature for their liver beneficial properties.

Capers (Capparis Spinosa) are known to improve liver functions. These are hepatic stimulants and also protect the liver. Capers also have large amounts of rutin which is an anti-oxidant and bioflavonoid which aids in the absorption process and inhibits inflammation.

Wild Chicory (Cichorium intybus) has been referenced in ancient Greek writings of Horace, Virgil and Pliny. It was called "Friend of the Liver" by Galenus due to its stimulating effect on the liver. chicory is known to promote bile production, remove excessive internal mucus and release gallstones. It is used in herbal and homeopathic preparations for jaundice, liver and gall bladder problems.

Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) is known for its hepato-protective effects in cases of toxicity caused by medicines. The juice is used as remedy for enlarged liver and spleen and is considered effective in liver cirrhosis. It is also used for skin disorders as well as to cure ear and eye disease

Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) The Arjuna bark helps to protect DNA against toxins. It is primarily a cardiac protective and also has a general tonic effect in liver cirrhosis. Arjuna helps reduce cholesterol. Research has shown Arjuna to have an anti-oxidant effect on induced liver cancer in rats. There was also a significant (P<0.05) increase in superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione-s-transferase glutathione reductase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, reduced glutathione, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, total sulfhydryl groups (TSH) and non protein sulfhydryl groups (NPSH) in liver and kidney of alloxan induced diabetic rats.

Negro coffee (Cassia occidentalis) Negro Coffee aids in detoxification of the liver. It is a hepatoprotective, purgative, laxative and excellent diuretic. It regularizes bowel movements and eliminates internal bacteria.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Yarrow has traditionally been used to stop blood loss and finds mention in ancient literature when Achilles used it to stop bleeding on his soldiers. However it has also been used to treat liver disease. It helps treat loss of appetite, gallbladder conditions, urinary infections and peptic ulcers. It also relieves inflammation of internal organs.

Tamarisk (Tamarix gallica ) Tamarisk is used in cases of hepatic insufficiency. It is also used to stop blood loss in bleeding disorders.

What are the liver conditions that Liv.52 can treat?

Liv.52 helps to treat liver damage caused by alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, radiation as well as medicines that are damaging to the liver, hepatitis caused by viral infections, cirrhosis of the liver, weight loss and lack of appetite. Liv.52 is also useful as a general health tonic and in recovery after illness as it aids in efficient functioning and detoxification of the liver.

Who can benefit from taking Liv.52?

Liv.52 is beneficial for people who consume alcohol as it helps to maintain liver health and heal any damage. Liv.52 is also useful for people who are on medications or convalescents. It helps in increasing metabolism and the appetite. Liv 52 can also be taken as a general health supplement by all since it detoxifies, promotes strength and helps in maintaining good health. Liv52 is a good stimulator of appetite, haemopoiesis and a pronounced anabolic agent.

Liv.52 Research and Clinical Studies

Liv.52 regulates ethanol induced PPARgamma and TNF alpha expression in HepG2 cells.
Mol Cell Biochem. 2008 May 1.
Mitra SK, Varma SR, Godavarthi A, Nandakumar KS.

Liver is a prime target of alcohol-induced damage by inducing inflammatory cytokines especially tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha). Activator of peroxisome proliferator activator receptor gamma (PPARgamma) is protective against alcohol-induced liver injury in animals. Liv.52, one of the major herbal hepatoprotective drugs, is shown to protect the liver from toxicity and is considered to be an effective hepatoprotective agent. However, the signal pathway involved in the Liv.52-induced hepatoprotection is not understood well especially in the case of cultured liver cells treated with ethanol. Hence, the study was aimed at determining whether ethanol and Liv.52 could modulate PPARgamma and TNFalpha induction in human hepatoma cells, HepG2. The present study with RT-PCR and confocal microscopy experiments showed that ethanol (100 mM) induced suppression of PPARgamma expression in HepG2 cells. The ethanol-induced PPARgamma suppression was abrogated by Liv.52. Moreover, Liv.52 also induced upregulation of PPARgamma mRNA in liver cells as compared to the untreated cells. Further, 100 mM ethanol has also induced TNFalpha gene expression in HepG2 cells and interestingly Liv.52 abolished ethanol-induced TNFalpha. The study also shows that Liv.52 alone downregulated TNFalpha expression in HepG2 cells. Taken together, these findings suggest that Liv.52 is capable of attenuating ethanol-induced expression of TNFalpha and abrogating ethanol-induced suppression of PPARgamma in liver cells. These results indicate that Liv.52-induced PPARgamma expression and concomitant suppression of ethanol-induced elevation of TNFalpha in HepG2 cells suggest the immunomodulatory and hepatoprotective nature of Liv.52.

Prevention of mercuric chloride induced histopathological changes in the small intestine of mice with Liv-52.

Johnson V, Rathore HS. Cell Biology Unit, School of Studies in Zoology, Vikram University, Ujjain, India.

Mercuric chloride was administered in drinking water to mice at 1 mM and 5 mM for 100 and 30 days respectively. Lower concentration caused mild pathological changes in the small intestine while higher concentration caused severe pathological changes. Pathological symptoms were less pronounced when Liv52 was administered along with 5 mM mercuric chloric and Hg-induced changes were totally absent when drug was used along with 1 mM HgCl2 solution. After Hg-exposure at both concentrations mice were allowed to recover naturally or with drug (Post-therapy). Again, use of drug appeared useful. At least under laboratory conditions this herbal drug seems to reduce Hg-induced pathological changes in small intestine of mice.

Hepatoprotective effects of Liv-52 on ethanol induced liver damage in rats.
Indian J Exp Biol. 1999 Aug;37(8):762-6. Department of Biochemistry, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, India.

The mechanism of protective effects of Liv-52, a multiherbal hepatoprotective drug, on ethanol induced hepatic damage has been investigated. The results indicate that Liv-52 treatment prevents ethanol induced increase in the activity of the enzyme gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase. Concomitantly there was also a decrease in ethanol accentuated lipid peroxidation in liver following Liv-52 treatment. The activity of antioxidant enzymes; superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and the levels of glutathione were decreased following ethanol ingestion. Liv-52 treatment was found to have protective effects on the activity of superoxide dismutase and the levels of glutathione. The results obtained from the study indicate hepatoprotective nature of Liv-52 which might be attributed to its ability to inhibit lipid peroxidation.
The effect of the heptoprotective agent LIV 52 on liver damage
Cas Lek Cesk. 1997 Dec 17;136(24):758-60. interni klinika 1, LF UK a VFN, Praha.

The action of hepatoprotective drugs is a steady subject of discussions. Despite the equivocal character of action hepatoprotective drugs are used, despite the fact that the effect is partly a placebo effect. In the literature are reports on preparation LIV 52 which is a mixture of substances of plant origin and improves the subjective complaints of patients as well as the objective condition of patients with liver disease. The effect of preparation LIV 52 was investigated in a retrospective study in 19 patients with liver damage. In the majority liver damage caused by alcohol was involved, steatosis and persisting hepatitis without the finding of chronic hepatitis B and C. The authors investigated biochemical parameters (bilirubin, ALT, AST, ALP, TZR, cholesterol). The size of the liver was assessed by ultrasonography and the subjective status of the patients was recorded. Within one year of administration of the preparation subjective improvement occurred, hepatomegaly diminished and the activity of aminotransferases declined. CONCLUSIONS: Administration of LIV 52 can improve the subjective condition and clinical parameters in patients with liver damage, in particular in alcoholic liver damage and in steatosis. The effect is certainly due also to better motivation on the patients part, better lifestyle and dietary measures. After one year of treatment no undesirable side-effects were detected.

Liv52 / Livercare from Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Herbals products have been researched clinically and standardized to guarantee bioequivalence. Bioequivalence refers to ensuring that the product on the market is equivalent to the one on which clinical trials were successfully conducted. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare uses chromatographic fingerprinting, one of the most sophisticated standardization techniques, to ensure consistent quality and performance

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