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Himalaya Pilex

Benefits of Pilex: Maintains healthy veins, supports rectal veins in the anal area

Himalaya Pilex is an Ayurvedic herbal remedy for rectal health Himalaya Pilex
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Pilex is a herbal, ayurvedic formulation from Himalaya Herbals which provides support for rectal health and healthy veins.

The anus is a sensitive area. Activities such as sitting, passing bowel movements puts daily stress and pressure on the rectum, the anal passage and venal structures inside. Veins in the rectal area can get irritated, swollen and bleed.

Benefits of Pilex

  • Pilex supports the health of the surrounding tissue of the anal opening
  • Pilex supports the normal tone of the venous walls of the rectal area
  • Pilex helps to maintain routine circulation in the anal area while sitting
  • Pilex promotes vein and capillary health of the anal passage
  • Pilex helps to provide soothing relief to the anal area
  • Pilex promotes healthy circulation and venal strength of veins, capillaries and surrounding tissue
  • Pilex supports the normal integrity of the vascular system
  • Pilex is often used by those with varicose veins or hemorrhoids.
Pilex formulation represents a careful blend of medicinal plants, which maintain normal tone of venous walls, their integrity and function. It helps support metabolic processes, involved in maintaining the vascular system's integrity for optimum health and appearance.

A fiber rich diet and plenty of water help to loosen stools.

Some herbs also have been found to help promote health of the rectal area by supporting veins, promoting healthy blood circulation and providing soothing relief

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Pilex Ingredients (Per Tablet):

  • Indian Bedellium / Guggul (Commiphora wightii Syn. Balsamodendron mukul) 260 mg
  • Mineral pitch / Shilajeet 32mg
  • Neem (Melia azadirachta Syn. Azadirachta indica) 14mg
  • Tree turmeric / Daruharidra / (Berberis aristata) 64mg
  • Indian gooseberry / Amalaki / (Emblica officinalis) 32mg
  • Chebulic myrobalan / Haritaki / (Terminalia chebula) 32mg
  • Beleric myrobalan / Vibhitaki / (Terminalia bellirica) 32mg
  • Indian laburnum / Aragvadha / (Cassia fistula) 32mg
  • Orchid Tree / Kanchanara / (Bauhinia variegata) 32mg
  • Cobra's Saffron / Nagakesara / (Mesua ferrea) 6mg
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How do the herbs in Pilex promote rectal health?

Guggul is a herb that is considered excellent for improving blood circulation and reducing swelling.

Tree turmeric or Berberis aristata has been mentioned in ayurvedic texts as a herb that helps in reducing swelling, bleeding and pruritis especially in varicose veins.

Neem helps to control bleeding, itching, bacteria and is soothing.

Triphala the classic ayurvedic combination of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) works as a gentle laxative, detoxifier and cleanser.

Indian laburnum or Cassia fistula is considered an excellent combination with Haritaki and Amalaki in helping easy stool motion and in reducing bleeding.

Orchid Tree or Bauhinia variegata works very well with Guggul in reducing swelling.

Nagakesara or Mesua ferrea flowers are used in traditional ayurvedic remedies to reduce bleeding from rectal area and also in cases of excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles. This is due to its effect on the blood capillaries.

Directions for taking Pilex tablets (Dosage)

Initially 2 tablets twice a day with meals. Followed by 1 tablet twice daily or as directed by your physician.
Simultaneous use of Pilex ointment brings complete relief more quickly
Pilex tablets appearance color size Himalaya Pilex Tablets are white in color and are approximately 11mm in diameter and 2mm in thickness. They are easy to swallow

Does Pilex have any side effects?

There are no known side effects of Pilex if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

Storage of Pilex tablets

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

Pilex from Himalaya Herbals

Pilex is from the renowned Himalaya Herbals brand endorsed by over 250,000 doctors worldwide and used by customers in over 60 countries. Himalaya Herbals products have been researched clinically and standardized to guarantee bioequivalence. Bioequivalence refers to ensuring that the product on the market is equivalent to the one on which clinical trials were successfully conducted. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare uses chromatographic fingerprinting, one of the most sophisticated standardization techniques, to ensure consistent quality and performance

Pilex Research and Clinical Studies

Pilex has been subjected to various clinical trials and its benefits for veins in the anal/ rectal area have been documented in medical journals.


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