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Premium quality fresh Henna / Mehendi Paste Cones
More Info on Henna
Sorry we are no longer stocking henna cones. Please use our premium Henna Powder

2 Henna Paste Cones + 2 Design Pages
Price: $7.99

12 Henna Paste Cones + 12 Page Design Booklet
Price: $24.99

Henna / Mehendi is safe natural herb that is ground into a powder. Henna has been used for centuries in eastern cultures to dye hands and feet. It is very popular as a temporary tattoo. The henna tattoo is a deep maroon in color that fades away over time. Henna cones contain pure herbal Henna powder mixed with essential oils to form a paste. These cones make it very easy to create designs and you get great results every time.

1. Apply the Henna paste in designs of your choice using these very easy to use foil cones. Hold the cone in your right hand and gently squeeze the paste on the palm and start making patterns. Keep the palm horizontal and let the patterned-paste rest on it till dry.

2. For the best results, paste must remain moist and on the skin for at least two hours. The longer you leave it on, the darker the tattoo. Overnight is best.

3. When the paste starts getting dry, lightly dab on with a cotton ball a solution of lemon juice and sugar. Repeat this process, allowing design to dry between blotting until it has a glazed coating of lemon sugar. (10-15 times) You can leave it on after this process has been completed as long as you desire (at least two hours, and up to 12). When you are ready to remove the paste, scrape it off. Apply a vegetable based oil (such as olive) to the finished design. It will appear orange in color at first then over the next 48 hours it will darken considerably and reach its peak color. Avoid washing with soap for the first day, do not apply sunscreen to your Mehndi.
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